Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fun at Church

So JP (Fiance and all around awesome dude) and I are going out for Greek food tonight, and it reminded me of a story from school in Hawaii.

So I went to Maranatha Christian Church and Academy * for a year when I lived in Hawaii.  It was a predominately Filipino school.  As in: when I wasn't there it was a Filipino school.  It was a super great school to attend.  Seriously, the students were some for the nicest people I have ever met, the teachers truly cared about the students and the pastor/principal was dedicated like no one ever was to the success of the church, school and everyone in it.

I said that to say this**:  I am about to totally make fun of something that happened there and everyone who attended.

At the end of the year the school had an assembly as most schools do, and they had a special guest speaker; a traveling preacher and his beautiful Samoan wife.  I do not remember there names, it was a long time ago. 

First I need to tell you that I grew up in a Baptist environment; quiet churches and generally reserved people.  Maranatha was a charismatic church were speaking in tongues was common along with holy laughter and general rolling in the aisles.  I had never seen anything like it.  During the weekly chapel for school there was never anything like that, just sharing with everyone what you needed everyone to pray about, blessings, etc.

So the assembly started off with singing and a prayer, pretty average, then the Samoan wife did an interpretive dance about her love for Jesus.  Okay.., weird a little.., but okay.  Then the preacher delivered his message.  People were shouting Amen a lot and Yes! and the like.  Loud, not what I was used, to but okay.

Then the preacher started "speaking in tongues"***.

I will never forget what this guys version of speaking in tongues was.  Let me quote:  "Mousseeka moussaka mousseeka moussaka mousseeka moussaka moussaka..," and so on like that for I'd say about a half hour.  Everyone in the church is getting worked up, humming, then some start laughing hysterically while others start speaking in tongues.  This was completely frightening to my 15 year old self, by the way.

While the preacher is doing his "Mousseeka Moussaka" bit, there's someone "interpreting"*** what he's saying to mean all these different things even though he's saying the same two words over and over.  We need to recruit help people find Jesus, we need to confess our sins, we need to get closer to the Lord, etc.

(Speaking in tongues is suppose to be this event were you get into the spirit and the Holy Spirit speak through you in a "Holy Language"***.)

Apparently the Holy Spirit was super hungry from what I understood because Moussaka is a delicious Greek casserole with potatoes and beef.

I think I'll invite the Holy Spirit to dinner tonight.


*If you look at the map in the link, scroll towards the upper right along Center Street, I lived up there, right next to the Ewa Forest Reserve.

**A nod to a fun conversation with Mr. Eric about another great preacher we know.

***No hate mail for the quote marks please, just because I don't believe a word of it doesn't mean you can't.  Nor should it mean that you need to berate me about it.  Thank you and have a nice day.


  1. Maybe it took years for his message to become realized as you did have some moussaka. I just don't recall seeing a moose seeking a bite of yours.

  2. haha, rikki, that was hilarious and such a sincere observation. i have also been weirded out by the charismatic worship experience. and i am skeptical about the speaking in tongues part. if it were a real language, there would be more things said than repeated gibberish. and from what i remember of the bible, the gibberish should be interpretable by a witness.

  3. Thanks! You always have such nice things to say. And yeah, speaking in tongues is odd. And there are obviously very serious arguments for and against the practice. However, I feel like as long as those who practice any form of religion are truly worshiping God and not the practice, then "right" and "wrong" observances becomes somewhat relative.

  4. It sounds, uh, like a quirky experience. That do it justice? 15? Ida been out that door so quickly you'd have seen dust flying behind me. But at least you have a blog entry because of it! :D

    I am trying to find an email for you, I was wondering if you wanted to do a guest post for me for an upcoming blog hop thingy I am participating in. It's related to some friendship stuff I talked about in today's post, so if you're not up for it, no biggie, but if you are, shoot me an email or comment, por favor!

  5. Everything is potential blog fodder. Funny!

  6. Stopping by from GGGR. During college DH (then just dating) and I went to the unpresuming "Waco Christian Church" one Sunday. We knew we were in trouble when the disco ball started going. Two hours later, people were speaking in tongues, writing on the floor, and 3 had passed out. With no sign of things slowing down, we slunk out. Never to return. To each his own :-)


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