Monday, May 23, 2011

I Am the Destroyer of Worlds

I am the Destroyer of Worlds.  Everything I touch is ruin; my delight.  Nothing is safe.  No one is safe.

I am the Puppet Master.  Everyone is under my domain.  I pull the strings.  My bidding is Law.

I am the Evil Stepmother.  I rend families assunder for my own petty and twisted gain.

I am the Pied Piper.  I lead the gulible for the smallest slight; I bring only death.

I and the Evil Stepsister.  Jealousy is my guide.  Your destruction is my birthright.

I am the Wolf.  I bide my time.  I wisper from the wings.  I prowl and wait and watch.

I am Flagg.  I cannot be destroyed.

I am Grendell's Mother.

I am O'Brien.

I am Cthulhu.

I am Sauron.

I am Judas.

I am Midas.

Do not mess with me.


I am up, all night, waiting breathlessly for your comments, and I know where you live.